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New Zealand

Otehake- Hotpools as delphin's farewell and my last trip in NZ.

Otehake Hotpools (CUTC - trip)

Westcost - trip mit RAINwoodforest, fun in the hut and pancake rocks:

Croesus Track (CUTC - trip)

The middle of August brought me (almost) on Mount Aicken. On the way back, I hit the mighty Devil's Punchbowl Falls.

Mount Aicken (CUTC - trip)

Snow, Keas and another peak Mount Temple:

Mount Temple (CUTC - trip)

The last weekend of July I learned the basics of what you have to know if you want to go for a serious walk on snow and ice:

Snowcraft Course (CUTC - trip)

Locked in at Mount Grey:

Mount Grey (CUTC - trip)

Not so hot pools on 10. / 11. July:

Cedar Flats (CUTC - trip)

Hot pools, easy trip and playing in the snow. A daynighter - trip with much fun at the:

Lewis Tops (CUTC - trip)

A twodaytrampingreport from the Nelson Lakes at Queen's Birthday:

Nelson Lakes (CUTC - trip)

The last weekend of may I was with the CUTC around the Mount Hutt Forest.

Mount Hutt

The secound weekend of may I was with the CUTC on the avalanche peak for the "Hut Bagging Mission".

Avalanche Peak (CUTC - trip)

At the first weekend of May I made a climbing - Course:

Climbing (CUTC - trip)

The last weekend of april I was tramping with the Tramping Club in the Oxford Forest. Here the photos and the story:

Mount Oxford Tramping (CUTC - trip)

The weekend befor I was on the Mount Somers:

Mount Somers Tramping

And an extern link, Garry was faster than me and used my photos for a story about tramping on Little Mount Peel:

Mount Peel Tramping  (extern: www.stuffucanuse.com)

My first tramping - trip in New Zealand:

Lake Daniells

Last but not least where I am living and studying:


And for everybody unsure about where New Zealand is I have a little worldmap. Just klick on the blinking part and you will get a map of New Zealand!

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