Croesus Track, Neuseeland: Trip with the Trampingclub

The Westcoast is on the other side of New Zealand, yes. But none the less it is possible to get there by car within 4-5 hours. It's not nice to drive for so long. But it is nice to be there. As soon as I start walking all the numbness, building up in the hours of being shaked in the car, vanishes.

On this trip we first hat to do the car shuffle thing, that gave us two more hours of waiting. At least at a nice fireplace in this pub/hotel:

Some old guys entertained us a little bit. Very caring cause of the bad weather.

And here it is:

But what's a westcoast - trip without rain? Like marshmellows without a fire.

Some don't like so much water at all:


What do you think are they so fascinated about? You should have been on the trip, so you would know!

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