Craigieburn Range, Neuseeland: Snowcraft Course with the Trampingclub

Down the Broken River

Once again I had golden sunshine on a weekend's - exercise: A basic snowcraft - course with the CUTC. OK, short explanation: Two days we were out in the snow, on the first day on the Broken River skifields the get instructed in the basics, on the secound day at Mt. Rollestone / on Mt. Philistine to practise what we learned.

And here, the basics:

breaking on snow - slopes

How to break. Without iceaxe, with iceaxe, feed first on the butt, head first back, head first on the belly...

breaking on snow - slopes

And than again with crampons on.

Phil, our instructor, has to show us first, which lace belongs to which hook.

help and advice form phil, our instructor

But once you wear crampons you can walk on amazing steep slopes.

first steps

After these ere next steps we had to reboost ourselfes again (lunchtime :-).


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