Mt. Philistine, Neuseeland: Snowcraft Course with the Trampingclub


On the left photo is Mt. Philistine, on the right I look down from halfway up. Why not from the top down? 'Cause I didn't get there. Only the five of the fast group made it to the top, Steve and me redescendet about 100m below the top, the others didn't try it. from a certain level on it was only possible to go up (or down) on the tip of the crampons, face to the slope, with the iceaxe-peak full in the firm snow. This position you feel in the lower leg. At an angle of over 45º I asked myself, if it would realy work, the breaking with the iceaxe. Luckily nobody hat to find out.

Now (two days later) I still have sored lower legs. (That's great, this way I know what I've done.)

After descending to a angle where we could turn around and "walk" down again, I hewed myself a seat into the snow to change the filmstrip and take some photos.

A couple of houres later we met the other group again at the Otira River and while the others had a chat I used the time to set up my tripod for this photo:

Nobody protested, so on the way home we made a stop at Bealey's Hotel (pub) to empty some jugs of some brewed fluid and some baskets of spicy wedges with sour cream.

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© Rafael Bräg