Mount Grey, Neuseeland: Oneday - trip with the Trampingclub

A tramper-friendly start at 9.00am. We filled two cars with eight outdoor-addicts to get to Mount Grey and spend there the day together.

at the fire-lookout

Windy but warm weather-conditions accompanied us.


How interesting for a electrical engineering student:

electromagnetic wave-gun

It did not take too long to get to the top (935m).


Although 1pm it looked like dawn:

view to the north

The rough weather up here is not too rough for all trees, they just don't grow that high:

bonsai, ca. 20cm high

After lunch we walked down again. Although it was so warm, we could leave footprints in the snow:


After a good way down the adventure began:

bashed bush

Because of logging the track was vanished. And the "track closed"- sign was not at the entry point, neither at lake janet nor on the top.

mud all around

What I found on the way

It was impossible to find the reentry-point, so we bashed and slided a through the forest till we found the track again.


Eventually we came back to Lake Janet were we parked the cars and shared our left over - food to have a picnic.

Lake Janet

at the table

at the table


But the adventure was not over yet: We were locked in. On the way out was a very solid gate blocking the gravelroad.


nothing to do...

Two other cars were trapped, too.

But we found two ways out (through the same gate!!)

While walking we saw some guys working in the forest. They should have a key. We drove with one car back and one of them was still working there. He was very polite and gave us a key out. When we came back to the gate, it was already opened, the others contacted someone over cellphone. So we had to drive back again to the keyman.

Was a nice day, here a last photo of the evening-light:

Yes, in New Zealand is also electricity!! (Not only sheep)


© Rafael Bräg