Cedar Flats trip with the Trampingclub

Second Day

After several hours of sleep we didn't want to go straight back. But there was no real alternative way back. We decided to climb up a route to the bushline for a nice view and beeing back early enough to get out to the cars with daylight. The route was overgrown but not too bad. Only that we didn't reach the bushline. It allways looked like only a few more meters. But we had a good view:

On the way back from the hut we took the non-flood-route again, just Steward walked over the ridge (and was faster).


In Hokitika we had our dinner in a restaurant. Hmmmm!!

Someone lost a box of fish an the street up the arthur's pass. No, we were not hungry any more.

Was a nice trip with good weather although the forecast told another story.

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